Giacomo Fracassi

MEPs urge EU to stronger AI legislation

© European Union 2023 - Source : EP-148523A Photographer: Alain ROLLAND
“AI is moving very fast and we need to move too,” tweeted Dragos Tudorache.

The European Union received a letter from 12 MEPs asking to draft new regulations on top of the ones already on the table for stricter rules on artificial intelligence tools, to go above and beyond the already proposed Artificial Intelligence Act.

The proposed regulation will only apply to systems considered “high-risk.” However, the group of MEPs wants lawmakers to expand coverage to other systems, including popular AI tool ChatGPT. In addition, they support the Future of Life Institute’s appeal for a six-month halt on advanced AI in order to focus legislation on the matter before it is too developed.

The support for this appeal was reiterated by Romanian MEP Dragos Tudorache who take on Twitter to explain their view. “AI is moving very fast and we need to move too,” he said, also calling on AI developers to work with “ever-increasing sense of responsibility, in cooperation with policy-makers.”

The appeal of the Future of Life Institute was also backed by Twitter and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, alongside hundreds of other executives across the world. At governmental level, also the United States is at work for new legislation covering AI tools.

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