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Pittella: Trump has forgotten again to engage his brain before talking

Flickr/European Parliament/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
"Unfortunately, President Trump has forgotten to engage his brain before talking," said S&D Group President Gianni Pittella.

The S&D Group strongly condemns the latest declarations of the US President Donald Trump, calling African countries, El Salvador and Haiti “shithole countries”. By insulting other nations, the President of the United States shows once again his complete inability to protect and preserve a peaceful and respectful atmosphere in the international community.

S&D Group President Gianni Pittella MEP said:

“Unfortunately, President Trump has forgotten to engage his brain before talking. It was not enough to compare Mexican people to ‘criminals’ or refer to Muslims to ‘terrorists’, now it is Haiti, El Salvador and African people being targeted by the US President’s delirious and racist words.

“Every passing day, Trump proves not to be fit to run the US and lead the international community. Insulting, bulling, threatening is the only language Trump knows. It is no longer tolerable.

“We express full solidarity with people of Haiti, El Salvador and Africa. The migrants of all these countries who live in the United States contribute to the development of an extraordinary nation that does not deserve to be represented in this way”.

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