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Poland debates children in war zones

27 January 2015. Um Baru: Thousands of people, mostly women and children, take refuge at a safe zone adjacent to UNAMID's base in Um Baru, North Darfur.

Children are suffering as a result of armed conflict around the world. This was the topic tabled by Poland for debate at the United Nations on May 8.

Poland’s ambassador to the United Nations, Joanna Wronecka, said: “The idea was to showcase positive examples from Africa of combating problems such as child soldier recruitment.”

“A prime example is the Ivory Coast, where recruitment has been virtually brought to an end,” she added.

Yet some 357 million children are living in war zones, according to a report released by children’s rights NGO Save the Children in February. It said the number of children killed or injured in armed conflict has tripled since 2010.

“Too many children are deprived of the right to a normal childhood, dignity and respect,” said Wronecka. “But perhaps the most grave and aberrant atrocities are experienced by innocent children who grow up in war zones,” she added.

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