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Roma, Jews disliked in Prague

Flickr/paulusthebrit/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Out of all Czechs, the residents of Prague hold the least positive views to the Roma and Jews, according to a new poll conducted by the Institute for the Studies of Totalitarian Regimes (USTR) and sociologists.

The survey, which was released on February 7, showed that the negative position on the Roma was expressed by 76% of Czechs and as many as 82% of those residing in Prague.

Jews are disliked by 27% of Prague residents, one-fifth of the population of Moravia and 15% of that of Bohemia.

As reported by The Prague Daily Monitor, the Roma tend to be less positively assessed by the people with at least secondary education than the rest. They are most disliked by people with higher education.

By contrast, people with elementary education tend to like the Roma most.

People with higher and elementary education have a generally positive attitude to Jews, who are most disliked by the people with secondary education and vocational training.

Jews are most rejected by people under 30, while they are most accepted by the elderly.

There are no significant differences between men and women.

The survey also found that Roma were rejected by 79% of Czechs working in the civil services, two-thirds of teachers, 85% of employees of public and social services and 71% of the health staff.

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