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Slovenia has been elected a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council

Author Minister of Foreign and European Affairs
Slovenian delegation at the elections for the UN Security Council. Author Minister of Foreign and European Affairs

On June 6, Slovenia was elected as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council for the 2024–2025 term.

“The whole of Slovenia can today celebrate our unexpected success: 153 countries voted for us in the first round. The election to the UN Security Council is a great achievement of our foreign policy and a great day for Slovenia. I am happy and proud that we were supported by almost the entire country, which proves that the candidacy is truly national achievement,” said the minister Tanja Fajon after successful elections.

“We did it! On 1 January 2024, Slovenia will take a non-permanent seat in the UN Security Council, for the second time since 1998. This was not an easy path, but we managed to prove, once again, that when we join forces and work together towards a clear goal, Slovenian diplomacy can achieve top results. For Slovenia, UNSC membership is a unique opportunity but comes also with great responsibility, especially at a time of tectonic geopolitical shifts and divisions. I am delighted that Slovenia will actively participate in adopting the most important decisions, as a non-permanent member of this high UN body, and will be the voice of all those countries that seek greater connection and greater understanding” explained Minister Fajon after the results of the election were made public,” continued Minister Fajon.

“The Slovenian campaign for UNSC membership was run under the slogan “Building Trust. Securing Future”, which underpinned the main message and objective of the candidacy:  Slovenia wishes to act as a unifying force within the Security Council and strive for constructive solutions while respecting international law as the best guarantee for international peace and security. “Today’s victory is a recognition of everyone working in Slovenian diplomacy. This result was not a given; it was earned through hard work and dedication, also testified to by some figures. In this past year alone, my colleagues from the Ministry and I held talks with 186 representatives of UN member states and participated in numerous multilateral events. I firmly believe that we convinced the world with our messages, sincerity, attentive ear and understanding,” stressed Minister Fajon before going on to thank the highest representatives of Slovenia for their unwavering support. “It gives me great pleasure to note that the candidacy was perceived as a national project of great importance, so I would like to extend my gratitude to the President of the Republic of Slovenia, the Speaker of the National Assembly and the Prime Minister of Slovenia, and ministers, members of the National Assembly and other ambassadors of Slovenia, who during this time helped enhance the visibility of our country and spread our core message.”

Slovenia’s membership in the UN Security Council will further improve the country’s international reputation and recognition, strengthen our partnerships and build new ones, and also bring new diplomatic skills and knowledge.

“I would like to express my warmest thanks to all who helped us achieve this goal and supported us on this path that has brought Slovenia to the UN Security Council. You demonstrated great courage and boldness,” concluded Minister Fajon in her first statement after the election.

Slovenia ran for membership in the Eastern European Group consisting of 23 member states. Other non-permanent members elected for the 2024–2025 term besides Slovenia are Algeria, Sierra Leona, the Republic of Korea and Guyana. Slovenia was the only country facing a counter-candidate, Belarus.

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