Sweden to take part in JEF activity to protect critical infrastructure in Baltic Sea

Photo: Jimmie Adamsson/Swedish Armed Forces
Sweden will provide two Visby-class corvettes to the activity.

Damage to cables and pipelines in the Baltic Sea has been discovered recently on multiple occasions. The Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF) will increase its presence to help improve protection of critical underwater infrastructure in the region. Sweden will provide two corvettes.

The JEF is a defence partnership between ten northern European countries. Sweden has taken part since 2017.

“It is of strategic importance that the JEF increases its presence in the Baltic Sea and the North Atlantic in light of the threats to critical underwater infrastructure. The JEF is a swift and flexible framework that is well-suited to help address those threats. The JEF countries are united, coordinated and ready to act,” says Minister for Defence Pål Jonson.

Mr Jonson took part in the digital meeting of JEF defence ministers on 28 November, where it was decided to activate a so-called JEF Joint Response Option and increase JEF presence in the Baltic Sea and the North Atlantic.

The activity will take place on 1–15 December and complement NATO’s ongoing activities in the Baltic Sea.

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