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Syrian Coalition condemns ‘barbaric bombing raids’ on Douma

Flickr/Freedom House/CC BY 2.0

The National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces released a strong statement against the “barbaric bombing raids” on the Syrian town of Douma. The use of poison gas against civilians trapped inside the besieged town resulted in more than 100 deaths, mostly children.

“The fate of hundreds of families in underground shelters is still unknown due to lack of communications and the difficulties rescue teams are facing while trying to reach the victims,” said the Syrian Coalition in a statement.

“The Syrian Coalition stresses that the use chemical weapons, inflammable napalm, and the white phosphorus in the bombings of eastern Ghouta constituted a war crime and genocide. The violent Saturday [April 7] bombings targeted women and children who sought shelter in makeshift underground basements. Russia and the Assad regime bear total and direct responsibility for these barbaric crimes.”

The Coalition called for the United Nations Security Council’s permanent members and the concerned countries, namely the United States, United Kingdom and France, to take urgent action in accordance with their responsibilities for maintaining international peace and security.

“We call on these countries to launch military strikes against the Assad regime’s military positions, airbases, and military bases from which attacks on civilians are being launched.”

The Syrian Coalition has also called for the urgent referral of the Assad regimes’ crimes to the International Criminal Court. “It is the responsibility of everyone to put an end to the brutal onslaught on Douma and eastern Ghouta and protect about 200,000 civilians who are still trapped in the liberated part of eastern Ghouta.”

The Coalition also called on the Syrian and Arab communities and all free people around the world to “speak up against the Assad regime’s crimes and exert pressure on the governments of the countries that remain silent over these heinous crimes”.

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