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Ukraine lawyer murdered, body found in river

Flickr/Bert Kaufmann/CC BY-NC 2.0
A view of the Kiev Metro.

Police in Ukraine are investigating the murder of a lawyer and human rights activist whose body was found in a river in Kiev. Iryna Nozdrovska, 38, had been reported missing on December 29.

Nozdrovska had reportedly been working on the case of her sister, who was killed in 2015 by a car driven by the nephew of a Kiev judge.

The driver, Dmytro Rossoshansky, was jailed for seven years in May 2017.

Iryna Nozdrovska had allegedly received threats from him and his father.

The BBC has not seen confirmation of those threats.

According to the BBC, a civil society group called Tverdynya (Stronghold) appealed on Facebook for people to rally outside the police headquarters on January 2, calling for the “murderer or murderers” to be found and Nozdrovska’s young daughter to be protected.

In a separate report, the Associated Press noted that more than 200 people attended the rally to demand justice for the lawyer. Some were carrying placards reading “Find the murderers!”

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