The murder of a TV journalist in the Bulgarian town of Ruse has made international headlines.

As reported by The Guardian, the body of 30-year-old Viktoria Marinova, identified by authorities only by her initials, was found in a park on October 6.

According to Ruse’s regional prosecutor, Georgy Georgiev, her death was caused by blows to the head and suffocation, and her mobile phone, car keys, glasses and some of her clothing are missing, he said.

Georgiev also said prosecutors were looking into all leads, although police said the crime did not immediately appear linked to Marinova’s work.

According to local media, Marinova was an administrative director of Ruse’s TVN television and had just started her own news talk show called Detector.

As reported by The Guardian “widespread corruption, unclear media ownership, and suspected collusion between journalists, politicians, and oligarchs have made objective reporting a constant obstacle course”.