Roma III University in Italy, Rome, have launched a unique project, funded by the European Parliament called European Elections Monitoring Centre.

It gathers election material from more than 300 political parties participating in the EE19.

The website collects posters, commercial material, social media posts, reports and events organised by political parties.

Documents and data available in the EEMC are part of a wider international research project started at Roma Tre University in 2009 and continued in 2014, focussing on the analysis of political communication in the European election campaigns.

The project also involves National Research Units, about 50 Universities and Research Centres, as well as more than 100 scholars, researchers and PhD students.

Principal investigator of the research project Platform Europe and coordinator the European Election Monitoring Center is prof. Edoardo Novelli, Università di Roma Tre, Italy.

Co-coordinator of the European Election Monitoring Center is prof. Bengt Johansson, Gothenburg University, Sweden.