French authorities have opened an investigation following the release of information deemed to be classified by 3 journalists revealing the use of French weaponry in Yemen.

“Macron’s decision to launch an inquiry into this action is not only ill-advised but dangerous.  The problem clearly isn’t the fact that journalists have revealed supposedly classified information, but rather that the French government is continuing to sell arms to a regime that is prepared to kill mercilessly,” said the lead candidate of the French Greens, Yannick Jadot commenting on the situation.

“France has a duty to stand true to its values to protect democracy and press freedom.  Instead of attacking journalists for doing their job, France must immediately halt illegal arms transfers to Saudi Arabia and other members of the Saudi-led coalition, such as the UAE and Egypt,” he added.

“It is high time that the European governments follow the European Parliament’s February 2016 appeal and impose an arms embargo on Saudi Arabia. What conservatives, liberals and socialists in most European governments get wrong is that exports to those who wage war in Yemen are not only morally wrong, but outright illegal,” said Reinhard Bütikofer, the co-chair of the European Green party.

“It’s clear the Saudi regime have no intention of heeding Western appeals for clemency as demonstrated by the reprehensible mass execution of 37 mostly Shia men, including 3 minors for allegedly taking part in protests.  It’s high time that European governments consulted their collective consciences and reassessed their relationship with this brutal and murderous regime,” added Bütikofer.