Greece has recognised North Macedonia as its neighbour’s official name in an historic vote.  It is hoped the agreement will put Macedonia on the path to becoming a member of NATO and the EU.

Commenting on the result, the co-chairs of the European Green Party Reinhard Bütikofer and Monica Frassoni stated:

“The courageous policies of Greek Prime Minister Tsipras and North Macedonian Prime Minister Zaev have been justified and rewarded with the adoption of the Prespa agreement in both parliaments. This amounts to a major breakthrough for peace and stability in the Western Balkans. It is nothing less than historic. The fact that this result had to be achieved against bitter nationalists on either side of the border, and against massive Russian interference, makes it an all the more cherished success of the European ideals.

“The European Union must now coordinate reliable efforts to support the positive development that has been facilitated by Greece and North Macedonia. We should all be very clear about this: The future of North Macedonia lies within Nato and the EU, and we are happy to welcome the country as a member of the euro-Atlantic family and the European project. Congratulations to the leadership of both Tsipras and Zaev! They have underscored the vibrancy of the European idea.”