Following the decision of the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina to announce the final results of the October 7 General elections, the President of the European People’s Party (EPP) Joseph Daul stated:

“I am deeply concerned about observed undemocratic practices by some political actors in these elections. The preliminary findings of the International Election Observation Mission led by OSCE/ODIHR are alarming. To hold free and fair elections, voters must not be pressured nor influenced and the media must be independent. Political pressure on pensioners, intimidation of public sector workers, vote buying, the obstacles to the diaspora voting and irregularities with postal voting and the high number of invalid votes are incompatible with democratic standards.

Despite EPP’s efforts, no compromise on the necessary electoral law reform could be found. The political actors must now all come together and put the will and interests of the people above personal and political interests. This must be done to facilitate free and fair elections in the future.

A country cannot move forward nor carry out reforms without functioning governing bodies. I expect all political leaders to come together and work constructively to form governments at all levels. Reforms are about protecting the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its people. The independence of the judiciary, the end of corruption and respect for the rule of law depend on them. Only then, will Bosnia and Herzegovina be able to progress along the European Union’s path and be more attractive to investors, offering young people more opportunities at home.”