The French-German plan to overhaul the euro zone was rejected by Poland on June 20. Warsaw announced it will oppose plans to form a separate budget only for those EU member states that share the euro.

Poland is not a euro zone member and has not set a date to adopt the single currency.

“We don’t know the details as to when it will be introduced and how it would be financed, but plans to create another budget within the EU budget are clearly a concern,” Polish Finance Minister Teresa Czerwinska said in Warsaw.

Investment Minister Jerzy Kwiecinski said all EU members must back the bloc’s next budget and that talks would take “many months”.

As reported by Bloomberg, while the proposals for an exclusive euro-member spending plan won’t be defined until December, the concept may play a central role in negotiations in reworking the wider EU budget for the fiscal period that starts after 2020.

With Britain leaving, the European Commission’s proposal for the post-2020 EU budget envisages cutting Poland’s take by nearly a quarter as the focus shifts to southern members with high youth unemployment.