Spain’s Popular Party has vowed to “defend the borders” against “millions” of undocumented migrants who want to make their way to the country. The party’s newly elected president, Pablo Casado, criticised the government for encouraging migrants to the country.

“It isn’t possible to give legal papers to everyone, nor is it for Spain to absorb the millions of Africans who come looking for a better future in Europe,” said Casado at a party event in Ávila on July 29. “And because it’s not possible, we have to say so, even if it is politically incorrect.”

As reported by Spain’s El Pais newspaper online, Casado accused Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez of the Socialist (PSOE) party for his stance on immigration, arguing it incites more migrants to make the dangerous journey and supports criminal organizations.

Spain recently welcomed two migrant ships that had been turned away by Italy, and it also announced new legislation to allow undocumented migrants to have full access to the public healthcare system from day one.

VOX, a far-right party in Spain whose voters Casado is trying to attract, has warned that the influx in the arrival of migrants does not represent a “humanitarian crisis” but rather “an invasion orchestrated by criminal organisations and complicit foreign governments.”

“The PP is not going to allow attacks against our police officers,” Casado said, referring to a violent border crossing of hundreds of migrants into the Spanish enclave of Ceuta last week. “We are going to support the police and Civil Guard unashamedly and undividedly.”

According to the Interior Ministry, 17,605 undocumented migrants have arrived in Spain by sea since the beginning of the year.