Spain’s animal rights party PACMA posted on Twitter a 38-second video showing a man freeing a fox from a cage, before hunters immediately start shooting at it.

“Hunters shut what appears to be a fox in a cage and let it out only to pepper it with bullets,” says the accompanying text. “Another ‘isolated case’ as the hunting lobby refers to it. Every week, a trickle of ‘isolated cases.’ In fact, they are dangerous psychopaths with a rifle and a license to carry arms.”

As reported by Spain’s daily El País, the release of the video (which has gone viral) coincided with the launch of PACMA’s campaign against the start of fox-hunting season in Galicia.

“Fox-hunting season in Galicia has started: hunts that hide behind environmental excuses, championships in which the only reason to compete is to kill. The hunters will be entitled to pursue and kill thousands of foxes in the countryside,” states PACMA.

The animal rights group is preparing a report to send to the regional government of Galicia against fox hunts. “We are working hard to make it the first Spanish region to assign resources to protecting foxes instead of killing them,” says a source at PACMA.