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Digital roadmap 2030: Industry MEPs confirm agreement with Council

European Parliament

Legislation setting up a roadmap for digital skills, infrastructure, businesses and public services was endorsed in the Industry, Research and Energy committee on Thursday.

The “Path to the Digital Decade” plan aims to shape Europe’s digital transition by setting EU-wide digital targets to be achieved by 2030, via a joint effort by Member States and the Union level, as well as through joint investment.

The informal agreement reached on the 14th of July with the Czech Presidency of the Council (see also the press release) was adopted with 64 votes to 1. It will be put to a vote by the full House in November.

On 15 September 2021 during the State of the Union speech, the European Commission’s president Ursula Von der Leyen announced a robust governance framework to reach the digital targets in the form of a Path to the Digital Decade to achieve the digital transformation digital compass targets by 2030. A draft Decision proposed by the Commission establishes the Policy Programme ‘Path to the Digital Decade’ and sets out a monitoring and cooperation mechanism consisting of measures to:

  • set a clear direction for the digital transformation of the Union and for delivery of the digital targets; structure and stimulate cooperation between the Union institutions and Member States; ensure the consistency, comparability and completeness of the monitoring and reporting by the Union.

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