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Dritan Abazović becomes prime minister of Montenegro

On 28 April 2022, Dritan Abazović became prime minister of Montenegro. The leader of URA, member of the European Green Party, has been successfully leading on anti-corruption and Green policies with the objective to bring political stability to the country and strengthen its prospect for a European future.

“Dritan Abazović and URA are actively working to deliver their promise of a European, democratic, and green Montenegro. Their achievements in fighting against corruption and state capture as well as the trust Dritan Abazović received to become prime minister are signs that they are working in the right direction for Montenegro and its citizens,” commented Thomas Waitz, co-chair of the European Green Party and Member of the European Parliament. “As the European Green Party, we will continue to actively support their efforts for a European and Green Montenegro.”

Dritan Abazović, Montenegro prime minister added that “Montenegro can be a successful European story only as a civic state, which inherits and strengthens our interfaith and interethnic harmony, affirms our differences as an advantage, respects its secular order, respects all religious communities and guarantees equal rights and freedoms to all regardless of political or any other affiliation”

“We are building a civic, modern and green Montenegro of happy and satisfied people, which definitely belongs to Europe,” the new PM said.

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