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EP launches training to promote children’s rights

Flickr/European Parliament/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Anna Maria Corazza Bildt, European Parliament’s Coordinator on Children’s Rights, launched today “The Rights of the Child in EU policy-making” training initiative.

Introducing the initiative – organised jointly by the EP and the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency – Anna Maria Corazza Bildt said: “I am very proud to launch this programme, as a cornerstone of mainstreaming children’s rights in the European Parliament’s internal and external action. I trust that the protection and promotion of children’s rights will be at the heart of the work carried out by this House in the next legislative term”.

As European Parliament Coordinator on Children’s Rights, Anna Maria Corazza Bildt seeks to ensure that the institution recognises children as rights holders and endeavours to ensure that EU law and policy respects, promotes and protects these rights in all of the Parliament’s work. In order to meet this commitment, it is therefore timely to raise awareness and build capacity in the European Parliament. At the launch, Mrs Corazza Bildt outlined her plans to build upon the foundations laid.

“I am committed to offering this training to Members of Parliament, their assistants and political groups on a regular basis. I also plan to expand this training programme to all interested European institutions, thanks to the valuable expertise of the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency,” she pointed out.

“The Fundamental Rights Agency wholeheartedly welcomes putting child rights centre stage of the EU policy making process,” said FRA Director, Michael O’Flaherty. “We are honoured to support the European Parliament. We look forward to cooperating closely with the European Parliament as it shapes future EU policies for the protection of child rights.”

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