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EPP Summit: recommitting to a common European future in Romania

Flickr/European People's Party/CC BY 2.0
EPP Summit, Sibiu, May 9, 2019.

The European People’s Party (EPP) leaders met today in Sibiu, Romania ahead of the European Council. The EPP Summit was co-organised with its member party Partidul National Liberal (PNL) and its leader Ludovic Orban. The upcoming European elections, the future of Europe, the situation in Cyprus and Spain topped the meeting’s agenda.

“As we mark Europe Day in Sibiu, we recommit ourselves to building a future based on the values that brought peace and prosperity to our continent and hope to our citizens. When European citizens vote in the European Parliament elections in three weeks, they have the opportunity to decide how to shape our common future,” EPP President Joseph Daul, made a statement in the margins of the party summit.

“In view of these elections in May, EPP leaders have reiterated their unwavering support to the EPP Lead Candidate Manfred Weber. Gathering in Sibiu has a special meaning for the EPP. The Romanian citizens showed us what courage and commitment to a democratic Romania means. I was impressed by their determination and dedication to take to the streets and protect their hard won democracy and demand that the rule of law and the independent justice prevail.  The voices of Romanian people have been heard in Brussels and the rest of Europe. That’s why we have EPP leaders have met in Sibiu, to send a strong message of support to the Romanians and also to President Klaus Iohannis and all EPP centre-right parties during an important election year.”

During the summit, President Nicos Anastasiades informed the EPP leaders about the latest Turkish escalation in Cyprus. The EPP strongly condemned the recent Turkish drilling activities within the Exclusive Economic Zone.

“This is a grave violation of Cyprus’ sovereignty and works against EU’s interests. We showed full solidarity with our friends in Cyprus and called on Ankara to cease these actions in the Eastern Mediterranean immediately. We will follow closely the developments in the region and when necessary, push for the appropriate measures,” continued EPP President Joseph Daul.

Following the general election in Spain, the EPP leaders voiced their support to Partido Popular (PP) and PP President Pablo Casado. PP remains a strong opposition in Spain.

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