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French lawmakers visit Taiwan

eric bothorel @ebothorel


Earlier this month, French President Emmanuel Macron visited China and met with President Xi Jinping. Concerning Taiwan, Macron reportedly said that the EU should distance itself from the US-China rivalry over Taiwan. Consequently, his remarks sparked international controversy.

In an exclusive interview with NHK, French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna stressed that the position of France over Taiwan do not change.

Nevertheless, relations between France and Taiwan are flourishing.

In an interview with the Taiwanese news agency CAN on April 12, French MP Eric Bothorel, of the ruling Renaissance (RE) party, and chairman of the Taiwan Friendship Group of the National Assembly, said that “if there is a conflict in Taiwan, it will also be our business.”

Bothorel reiterated that the relationship between France and Taiwan relies on the interests of science and technology and shared values ​​such as a vibrant democracy.

On April 17, a delegation of four lawmakers of the French Assembly landed in Taipei for an official visit of four days.

The delegation consists of Eric Bothorel, Mireille Clapot (RE), Vice-president of the Commission of Foreign Affairs, with long experience in Amnesty International, Michel Herbillon (The Republicans – LR), and former MEP Constance Le Grip (Ensemble party).

“Our French delegation has just landed in Taipei. After a press conference on our arrival alongside the VP of the Legislative Yuan, we look forward to deepening our discussions with the many interlocutors we will meet. ✌️ Long live Franco-Taiwanese friendship,” tweeted Eric Bothorel.

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