Giacomo Fracassi

G7 Foreign Ministers reaffirm support for Ukraine against Russia

Ministry of Foereign Affairs of Japan

The foreign ministers of the G7 reiterated their support for Ukraine in their war with Russia with a joint communique released after a meeting on Tuesday in Karuizawa, Japan, slamming its nuclear rhetoric, after Vladimir Putin said that it would move tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.

The statement urged Russia to “withdraw all forces and equipment from Ukraine immediately and unconditionally.” Russian nuclear talk has been deemed “irresponsible” in the statement promising that “any use of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons by Russia would be met with severe consequences.”

In the same joint communication the G7 ministers called on China to be a “responsible member” of the international community on issues ranging from climate change, to transparency and the South China Sea.

Concerning the ladder, the G7 said that China has “no legal basis” for its expansionist claims in the sea and reminded the role of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea into sea-related disputes. Overall, the statement tried to remind China that all countries have interest in “transparent, predictable, and fair business environments.”

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