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Greens broaden and deepen support following German eastern state elections

Wikimedia Commons

The German Greens, Bündnis 90 – Die Grüne scored their best ever result in two eastern state elections on Sunday winning 10.8% of the vote in Brandenburg and 8.6% in Saxony.

“We congratulate the German Greens on scoring their best ever results in the eastern states of Brandenburg and Saxony, even if the threat from the far-right Alternative for Germany cannot be ignored, said the co-chairs of the European Green Party Reinhard Bütikofer and Monica Frassoni.

“This shows that Greens are continuing to broaden and deepen their support in new areas not traditionally associated with the party.  It is essential that we build on this momentum in Germany and across Europe so that the Greens can consolidate their role as the most effective force in countering a highly corrosive far-right narrative and articulating a credible future for everyone, including the most vulnerable, that puts protecting people and the health of our planet at its core,” Frassoni and Bütikofer added.

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