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Iceland to have access to an office in the Embassy of Lithuania in Kyiv

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In support of Iceland‘s ambition to increase its presence in Kyiv, Lithuania and Iceland have decided to unite diplomatic efforts in solidarity against unprovoked Russian military invasion.

In a Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania and Iceland in July 2023, Lithuania agreed to provide working facilities and all the necessary means to ensure efficient functions of a representative of Iceland at the premises of the Lithuanian Embassy in Kyiv.

“In recent years we saw a real spur in Nordic-Baltic cooperation on political and also very practical levels. Together with Iceland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and other Nordic colleagues we were in Kyiv, together we call for maximised transatlantic efforts to accelerate Ukraine’s victory. As of now, “shoulder to shoulder” is not only a metaphor but yet another proof of cooperation between Iceland and Lithuania,” – said minister Gabrielius Landsbergis.

Lithuania’s offer to accommodate a representative from Iceland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs at the Embassy of Lithuania in Kyiv came in response to Iceland’s efforts to increase presence in Ukraine.

“We are honored to have been offered this co-operation with our very close friends, Lithuania who have a strong and established presence in Kyiv. We expect that our relations with Ukraine will continue to strengthen in the foreseeable future, it is vital to have a path to having increased presence in the country, and this collaboration is an excellent starting point. The generous offer by our Lithuanian allies will help us in our ambition to be a good and reliable friend to Ukraine,” says Thordis Kolbrún Reykfjörð Gylfadóttir, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iceland.

The Embassy of Iceland to Ukraine is based in Warsaw; therefore, having access to an office at the Lithuanian Embassy in Kyiv will help Iceland in its extensive efforts to support Ukraine.

This diplomatic action is one more proof of the strong ties between Lithuania and Iceland and our shared commitment to support Ukraine’s victory.

In 1991, Iceland was the first country to recognize Lithuania’s restored independence, creating a special bond between the two nations.

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