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Portugal favorites only EPP, S&Ds and the Left

Flickr/Pedro Szekely/CC BY-SA 2.0
A view of a street in downtown Lisbon, Portugal.

17 parties and coalitions are competing for the European elections (one more than in 2014). Portugal elects 21 MEPs while there is no electoral threshold.

According to recent polls the Socialist Party comes first electing 9 MEPs (one more than in 2014). The Social Democratic Party (PSD/PPD) and the People’s Party (CDS/PP) both members of the EPP are expected to elect 7 and 1 MEPs respectively. GUE/NGL’s members, the Left Bloc and the Unitary Democratic Coalition (CDU) an alliance between the Communist party and the Ecologist party ‘The Greens’ are expected to elect 2 MEPs each.

The Democratic Republic Party (PDR), a Macron ally, attracts the preference of a 1.7%, while the centre-right Alliance founded by the former Prime Minister Pedro Santana Lopes and the People, Animals, Nature (PAN) attract 1,3% each.

Website of the National Election Committee, listing all parties and coalitions running for EE2019.

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