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S&Ds score important victory for European workers

Flickr/Ryan Poplin Follow/CC BY-SA 2.0

The European Parliament, the Bulgarian Presidency and the Commission reached a common understanding on the introduction of equal pay for equal work in the same place for workers temporarily posted in another EU country. For many years, the Socialists and Democrats led the fight to revise the Posting of Workers Directive to better protect posted workers from day one and to ensure fair conditions and fair competition on the European labour market. The results of the negotiations will now be presented to the Council and the European Parliament.

Speaking after last night agreement, European Parliament negotiator on the posting of workers directive and S&D Spokesperson for employment, Agnes Jongerius, said:

“Colleagues can be colleagues again, instead of competitors. I am very proud of the political agreement reached last night between the European Parliament, the Bulgarian Presidency and the Commission. My main motivation for running for a seat in the 2014 European Parliament elections was to improve the rules for posted workers, and now this is going to happen.

“Posted workers too often are paid lower salaries and enjoy less social protection than the local workforce; some of them live and work under shocking conditions. This must change. With the new rules, we want to ensure that posted workers are protected from day one and the race to the bottom on salaries and working conditions is halted. The negotiations were at times difficult, but in the end, the negotiators managed to overcome the differences between East and West, left and right, employers and employees. Last night’s agreement reflects the power of European co-operation. We call on the member states to endorse the new rules so that posted workers receive the same salary and protection as the local workforce and we finally have fair conditions and fair competition for all workers and companies in the EU.”

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