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Soros strikes back

Harald Dettenborn
George Soros speaks at a conference.

Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros is fighting back. He responded publicly to Hungary’s accusations on November 20, saying attacks from Hungary’s government contained “lies and distortions” that were designed to create an “outside enemy”.

In response, Hungary is accusing him of attacking the country via his non-government organisations and European Union bureaucrats.

As reported by the Reuters news agency, the vice chairman of Hungary’s ruling right-wing Fidesz party, Gergely Gulyas, said Soros’ claims that the Hungarian government lied in its campaign against him were “not substantial”, adding the billionaire and the European Union pushed the same pro-migrant agenda.

He rejected charges by Soros, a US financier, that the government’s campaign stoked anti-Muslim sentiment and employed anti-Semitic tropes.

CNBC noted how Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban launched a nationwide television and billboard advertising campaign accusing Soros of devising Europe’s refugee influx.

The Hungarian premier has often vilified Soros, whose ideals are squarely at odds with Orban’s view that European culture is under an existential threat from migration and multiculturalism.

In a statement published on his website, Soros also rejected seven statements in a “national consultation” orchestrated by Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government, which claimed he wanted to settle at least 1m migrants a year in Europe and pay them each thousands of euros.

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