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‘Tigers are not props’

Flickr/Maureen Barlin/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Street art in the East End of London, May 2015. Artist: Mr Shiz (Olivier Roubieu)

All commercial trade of tigers involving the European Union should be banned, according to the animal rights charity FOUR PAWS UK.

Currently, trade in wild tigers, which is an endangered species, is banned in the European Union. The breeding and trading of tigers held in captivity, however, is allowed.

“Tigers are no party props, no selfie motifs, no cuddly toys, no home accessories and no medical miracle cure. Tigers are endangered wild animals that need our protection,” said Kieran Harkin, head of wildlife campaigns at FOUR PAWS.

As reported by the Reuters news agency, a Commission spokeswoman said the EU’s executive arm did not plan any immediate measures but that the issue would be discussed among member states at a forthcoming meeting of enforcement authorities.

European authorities seized more than 8,000 illegal tiger parts and derivatives in the period 1999-2016, the British charity said, adding that experts believe these seizures represent only a 10th of what is smuggled.

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