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Trade Committee delegation to visit Brazil and Uruguay


From 14 to 20 May, MEPs will travel to Brazil and Uruguay to discuss trade and investment relations as well as regional integration.

A delegation of seven Members of the Committee on International Trade (INTA) will travel to Brazil (Brasília and São Paulo) and Uruguay (Montevideo) between 14 and 20 May 2023 to discuss economic, trade and investment relations between the EU and the two countries. The challenges and prospects of finalising the EU-Mercosur trade agreement, in particular its sustainability aspects, will feature prominently during the visit. The delegation, led by the INTA Chair, Bernd Lange (S&D, DE), will engage with representatives of the governments of Brazil and Uruguay, as well as with Members of Parliament and other relevant partners and stakeholders of the two countries.

Bernd Lange (S&D, DE), Chair of the INTA Committee: “The EU-Mercosur agreement is the largest trade agreement the EU has ever concluded. Covering more than 720 million people, it has an enormous economic potential. But of course, in order for these benefits to reach the people, the conditions have to be set right. Our delegation takes place when the EU and the Mercosur countries are negotiating an additional instrument that clarifies what is expected from each side when it comes to labour conditions, deforestation and climate commitments. We will stress that we want strong sustainability provisions, while remaining open to the perspective of the Mercosur countries. I am sure that we will note that very concrete steps on sustainability have already been taken by the President Lula da Silva’s administration. In Uruguay we will have the opportunity to learn about their energy transition and explore opportunities for further cooperation.”

“We want to insist that the EU-Mercosur Agreement cannot be reopened. It is urgent to conclude the ratification process as soon as possible, for the benefit of both parties. After years of impasse, we now have a clear window of opportunity. Leaders on both sides have become aware of the importance of finally concluding this agreement, which will ensure secure political, commercial and social cooperation between both regions. Only with an agreement can we jointly face the common challenges that are ahead of us,” emphasised Jordi Cañas (RENEW, ES), Chair of the Delegation for relations with Mercosur and INTA standing rapporteur for Mercosur.

The delegation is led by Bernd LANGE and is composed of six other MEPs representing different political groups: Jordi Cañas, Jörgen Warborn (EPP, DE), Juan Zoido Álvarez (EPP, ES), Inma RODRÍGUEZ-PIÑERO (S&D, ES), Kathleen van Brempt (S&D, BE) and Yannick Jadot (Greens/EFA, FR).

In addition, Members of the European Parliament’s standing delegation for relations with Brazil, led by José Manuel Fernandes (EPP, PT), will also visit Brazil from 14 to 17 May. In Brasília and São Paulo, MEPs will hold meetings with Brazilian government representatives and parliamentarians to discuss, among other things, the state of the negotiations on the EU-Mercosur Association Agreement, ongoing efforts to stop deforestation, the possibilities of closer economic and scientific ties between the EU and Brazil and global challenges, including the war in Ukraine and possible peace initiatives.

Besides Mr Fernandes, the following MEPs will form the delegation: Herbert Dorfmann (EPP, IT), João Albuquerque (S&D, PT), César Luena (S&D, ES), Ibán García Del Blanco (S&F, ES), Elżbieta Rafalska (ECR, PL) and Anna Cavazzini (The Greens/EFA, DE).

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