Workplaces inaccessible for persons with disabilities, a new report reveals

European Disability Forum (EDF)

Persons with disabilities face considerable problems in accessing their workplace, a report revealed.

Personal stories like Ibrahim’s, who has to bring his own laptop to work due to lack of assistive technology, and Steven’s, who was told to be grateful for his accommodations, highlight the daily struggles faced by persons with disabilities in the workplace.

These are just some of the problems revealed in the report “Digital Skills, Accommodation and Technological Assistance for Employment” released today. The report shows the pervasive problems still facing employees with disabilities across the EU and the UK—from inaccessible hiring processes and lack of accommodation to lack of access to assistive technology and hostile workplace cultures.

The report, produced by the European Disability Forum (EDF) and funded by, explores the causes of low employment of persons with disabilities. A report launched in 2023 by the European Disability Forum showed that only 51% of persons with disabilities are employed compared to 75% of persons without disabilities. 

The report also found that only 1 in 4 employers have developed accessible recruitment processes, an essential step in hiring people with disabilities. 81% of employers have no policy in place for the acquisition of assistive technology, and only 25% are aware of and use public support to provide reasonable accommodation to workers with disabilities.

The report also proposes recommendations, including the need for employers to invest in accessible technology, regardless of employees’ disability status; public authorities should increase and publicise state aid available to employers to cover reasonable accommodation – and simplify the application process and technology companies involved persons with disabilities when designing technological solutions.

“The research makes clear that employers need more information and support, or persons with disabilities will remain excluded. It’s time for organisations, employers and policymakers to put in place policies that allow workers with disabilities to be employed and, more than that, to be valued!” Maureen Piggot, EDF Executive Committee Member, said.

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