Three Finnish Greens (Vihreät – De Gröna) are set to become ministers within Prime Minister-elect’s Antti Rinne 5-party coalition government.  Pekka Haavisto will become Foreign Minister, Maria Ohisalo will take up office as Interior Minister and Krista Mikkonen will be Environment and Climate Minister.

“It is a huge honour and privilege to serve Finland as Foreign Minister over the next 4 years as part of a coalition government. The best ever electoral results for the Greens has given us a clear mandate to enact an ambitious programme that combats climate change, protects minority rights and invests significantly in education to improve the situation of the most vulnerable,” said the Vihreät – De Gröna chairperson Pekka Haavisto commenting on the new roles for the Greens.

“The government coalition aims to get Finland to net zero emissions by 2035. This is one of the most ambitious targets in the world and sets an important example. We owe it to the climate strikers to deliver results in the fight against climate change,” Haavisto concluded.

“We congratulate the newly appointed Finnish Green ministers Pekka Haavisto, Maria Ohisalo and Mikkonen Krista who will shortly be taking office in three key roles as part of a coalition government.  They follow Green parties in Sweden and Luxembourg to take on ministerial positions. The Finnish Greens received their best results ever on an electoral platform of ambitious climate action, greater solidarity and investing in education.  Increasingly, Green parties across Europe are winning the trust of the people as the most competent and forward-looking political force to tackle the challenges of climate destruction, social injustice and the erosion of fundamental human rights,” added the co-chairs of the European Green Party Monica Frassoni and Reinhard Bütikofer.