The European Network Against Racism (ENAR) and the Central Council of German Sinti and Roma have launched a new book shedding light on the multi-dimensional and complex phenomenon of antigypsyism – the specific form of racism against Roma – in Europe.

The book “Dimensions of Antigypsyism in Europe” is a collection of articles written by activists and academics from across Europe and beyond, who share their practical experiences and knowledge to increase understanding of the manifestations and implications of antigypsyism. Many Roma and anti-racism organisations and activists have been fighting against antigypsyism for decades. Their struggles to realise Roma rights provide us critical knowledge, both on how antigypsyism affects access to fundamental rights; and how to counter exclusionary and discriminatory political discourses and projects.

“This book is a key contribution to increase understanding of the manifestations and implications of antigypsyism”, said Amel Yacef, Chair of the European Network Against Racism.

“Recent racist violence unleashed against Roma in France and a massive police action in Belgium targeting the Traveller community are just two of the many manifestations of systemic and deep-rooted racism Roma experience across Europe. This publication also raises attention to the urgent need for political will and mobilisation to combat antigypyism,” he added.

The articles in the book uncover how racialised discourses shape knowledge, policies, and racist practices and behaviours towards Roma. They also present different case studies of structural discrimination against Roma in Europe and analyse the role of European policies. More importantly, the book aims to shift conversations and approaches on Roma from a social inclusion to a rights based perspective, evoking antigypsyism as the core phenomenon affecting personal and institutional responses to Roma in Europe. Finally, it explores various strategies to combat antigypsyism which provide a path towards emancipation for Romani people in Europe.

The book is available at: