The leader of the far-right Ukip party has challenged the British establishment to organize a second referendum on EU membership.

In a Channel Five interview (the ‘Wright Stuff’) Nigel Farage suggested that that a second referendum will ‘kill off’ the issue for a generation.

‘The percentage that would vote to leave next time would be very much bigger than it was last time round’ Farage said.

Farage also went on to suggest that because the ‘Cleggs, the Blairs and the Adonis’ were not willing to concede defeat, a final vote might be desirable.

The 2016 Leave campaign secured a 52-to-48% majority. The Ukip leader believes he can now master a bigger majority.

Farage claims that a second vote would result in a much greater support for leaving the EU. In arguing in favour of a second referendum, Farage echoes Arron Banks.

Banks, who played a key role in fund-raising and coordinating the Leave campaign, is convinced that a second referendum is the way for hard Brexiteers to retake control over public debate.

Nigel Farage emerges to divide the Labour Party, as MPs like Chucka Umuna want a second referendum, while the party is formally calling merely for membership of the Single Market.

Unambiguously, the Liberals have called for a second poll to legitimize or reject any deal reached between the UK and the EU.