On June 19, the S&D Group has elected its new Bureau. The S&D Group Bureau is composed of nine vice-presidents and one treasurer and is chaired by the S&D group leader.

“I am proud to be assisted by such a strong team. The Bureau reflects the diversity of our political family and is gender-balanced. I am looking forward to working with the new Bureau with the aim to build a strong group and secure a new agenda for change in Europe,” said S&D group president Iratxe Garcia.

The S&D Group vice-presidents are: Eric Andrieu (France), Biljana Borzan (Croatia), Miriam Dalli (Malta), Heléne Fritzon (Sweden), Roberto Gualtieri (Italy), Bernd Lange (Germany), Claude Moraes (United Kingdom), Kati Piri (The Netherlands), Rovana Plumb (Romania).

Eero Heinäluoma (Finland) has been elected Treasurer.