Giacomo Fracassi

EU sets up the 10th sanction package against Russia, including Iran

Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0
The PMC Wagner Center office in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The European Union voted in the tenth sanction package against Russia in response for its invasion of Ukraine, one year after the start of war. The new package includes ban on key figures and organizations that help the Russian war effort, plus an import ban for bitumen, synthetic rubber and carbon blacks.

The sanctions also include Iranian entities for the first time, specifically seven ones that used EU components and supply Russia with Shahed military drones used in civilian infrastructure attacks.

The EU focused on dual-use technologies that Russia can use for its military efforts, like some electronic components previously untouched by sanctions and rare earths and thermal cameras that have military use. Other restrictions apply to heavy trucks, other special vehicles and constructions goods.

The bulk of the sanctions address individuals and organizations linked with the Russian military complex, including members and supporters of the Wagner mercenary group. An additional 120 individuals and entities are now part of the sanction list. Outside of military-linked entities, the EU is sanctioning government officials and proxy authorities installed in occupied territories in Ukraine, plus people involved with children kidnapping and disinformation actors. Also three additional banks have had their assets in the bloc frozen.

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