EU shows G20 countries support two-state solution for Israel-Palestine

Josep Borrell Fontelles @JosepBorrellF

Members of the G20 are all in favour of a two-state solution to create stability in the long term and avoid the continuation of the bloody Israel-Palestine conflict, according to the foreign policy chief of the European Union.

Josep Borrell spoke to reporters on the issue from the sideline of a G20 meeting of foreign ministers in Brazil on Wednesday. “Everybody here, everybody. I haven’t heard anyone against it. There was a strong request for a two-state solution,” he said, adding that “there is not going to be peace […] not going to be sustainable security for Israel unless the Palestinians have a clear political prospect to build their own state.”

Borrell also urged Brazil, as host country for the G20, to make the group position in favour of the two-state solution clear, in order “to mobilize our political capacity to push for this solution to be implemented.” Finally, he also mentioned that Arab nations are going to make a peace proposal in the upcoming days to stop the current conflict in Gaza.

Other delegates present at the meeting also echoed Borrell’s position. Even the United States, Israel’s chief supporter, is calling for the two-state solution as the only way to bring peace and stability. However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, backed by his right-wing coalition, is not supporting the establishment of a Palestinian state.

During the meeting, Western foreign ministers also confronted Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov over the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with Borrell admitting that Russia is not giving away any sign that it wants a ceasefire.

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