New European Union regulations could make life easier for truck drivers, who have seen their wages fall and touring schedules become busier than ever.

“Driving a truck used to be fun,” says André Bergner. “But nowadays I’m only doing it for lack of alternatives; the open borders have wrecked so much,” he adds while leaning against his 40-tonne vehicle.

As reported by Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany’s international broadcaster, Bergner is hinting at his fellow drivers from Eastern Europe who are on the road for wages a lot lower than his.

According to a recent proposal by EU transport ministers, drivers need to stick to a 45-hour break outside the trucks after being on the road for six days. This means drivers would have to return home or stay in a hotel near their current location. In Addition, the proposal envisages the same pay for drivers operating in the same place, irrespective of their origin.

According to DW, EU officials also want to end continual tours abroad lasting several weeks because these are set by making a 7-day break in the drivers’ home countries compulsory.