In Moldova, the Action and Solidarity Party, together with Dignity and Truth Party, along with prominent representatives from the civil society, launched five main electoral priorities for the would be electoral bloc ACUM DA-PAS. Announced earlier this month, these pledges are to be fulfilled by the end of a four-year term.

The pledges include an increase in the average salary to at least 11,000 lei (€575) per month and the income of all pensioners above the minimum subsistence level (€100).

As regards education, there is a pledge to increase funding for public schools and to raise teachers’ salaries. Healthcare is also on the list with the aim to reduce the cost of medicines by 25% and increase the access to quality care services.

There is also a pledge to tackle corruption in the judicial system and to eliminate oligarchic structures. The fight against large-scale corruption and the recovery of stolen billions was also announced.

As for Moldova’s place in Europe, there is a pledge for the country to fulfil all the conditions for applying for EU membership by 2023.