French society stops the ambitions of the far-right

Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 4.0 Photo: Thomas Bresson
Jordan Bardella, leader of the far-right National Rally, blamed the Republican Front for his defeat.

Even today, analysts suggested Marine Le Pen‘s far-right National Rally (RN) had secured first place. Jordan Bardella, its official leader, repeated several times that he wanted an absolute majority to govern the country. Le Pen and Bardella questioned the constitutional role of the French President, sure of winning, if not the absolute majority in the second round of the French elections, at least a clear majority. However, the National Rally arrived third.

The vote was a demonstration that French society detests the far-right and the gloomy world that it promises.

In fact, since June 9, when President Emmanuel Macron called for snap elections, the far-right multiplied its verbal threats to Muslims – the French citizens, Muslims – LGBTI people, and the Roma community. Despite Le Pen’s efforts to present a human and democratic face to voters, RN people multiplied hate speech and sexist and racist comments in the last weeks.

It is too early to predict how the cohabitation between the President and the Prime Minister will be. However, today’s most significant point is that the far-right lost. That France will not enter into a chaotic situation which would lead to critical decisions about Ukraine’s support, favouring Russia. The results of the French elections are also significant for the future of the EU, as a far-right government would question France’s participation. In alliance with other undemocratic governments, such as the Hungarian and the Slovakian, it would form a compact pro-Russia front in the heart of the EU.

Now, the National Rally will probably enter a period of crisis. The 28-year-old Jourdan Bardella, Le Pen’s discovery aiming to penetrate the conservatives of the middle class, proved to be ineffective.

In addition, the far-right leader didn’t understand that French society doesn’t want a far-right government and blamed the vast Republican Front for his defeat.

“Unfortunately, the alliance of dishonor between Mr. Macron and Mr. Mélenchon this evening throws France into the arms of the extreme left,” Bardella said.  

“Depriving millions of French people of the opportunity to see their ideas in power will never be a reliable destiny for France,” he added.

This defeat will severely impact the next Presidential elections, scheduled for 2027. The French Republican forces could repeat this vast alliance in defence of democracy and prevent the election of Marine Le Pen.

The results of the French elections would also impact the Austrian elections on September 29, which are also significant for the EU as the far-right is leading the polls. A far-right and pro-Putin chancellor would represent a threat to the Austrian democracy and the stability in Central Europe.

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