In 2020, Colombia has witnessed a dramatic increase in violence against social, environmental and political leaders. From January 1 – August 24 2020, 194 murders of social and environmental leaders, 8 murders of family members or people related to social leaders and human rights defenders, as well as 41 murders of people who signed the peace agreement between the National Government and the FARC were reported.

The European Green Party supports the call of the Green Alliance Party of Colombia to international organisations to support the Peace Process in the country.

“We call on the EU and its national governments to support the Peace Process in Colombia, even when faced with the additional challenges of COVID-19. Measures to support and protect social activists and other human rights defenders who are working to make peace a reality must be developed and implemented swiftly,” commented Evelyne Huytebroeck and Jean Lambert, co-chair and committee member of the European Green Party.

“Today, we have an unequivocal sign that, in our territories, death is rampant and the state is absent. The violation of human rights has worsened with the total inaction of the Colombian government,” added Carlos Ramón González and Antonio Navarro Wolff, co-presidents of the Green Alliance Party of Colombia.