The French far-right seeks unity ahead of the June legislative elections

Marion Maréchal @MarionMarechal

This afternoon, Marion Maréchal, the second in command of Eric Zemmour’s Reconquête! (R!), made a visit to the Rassemblement National headquarters. In a promising display of unity, she met with Marine Le Pen and the President of the RN, Jordan Bardella, to discuss how the two far-right parties could enhance their strategies for the upcoming legislative elections.

Earlier today, Bardella called Marion Maréchal to work together for the electoral victory of the “patriots”, which will allow the formation of a far-right government with Bardella as Prime Minister.

“I would like to address all lovers of France who have a constructive attitude and a desire to restore the country,” Bardella said. “With Marine Le Pen, we are discussing with personalities not from the RN to broaden our majority. I hope that the majority we present is as large as possible: I am prepared to discuss with personalities who share the ambition of bringing some of our ideas to power. Marion Maréchal has a constructive approach towards the RN”, emphasised the President of RN.

Maréchal’s response was rapid. She went to the RN headquarters “to think about a coalition for the legislative elections! There is a common desire to come together in the run-up to the legislative elections. We need to think about how the ideas of our 1.3 million voters could be represented. #UnionNationale,” she posted on X.

Maréchal also explained that “the national camp reached the historic score of 40%. Faced with the seriousness of the situation in our country, I wanted to meet Marine Le Pen and Bardella to seize the opportunity to build a government coalition”.

In an interview with TF1, Marine Le Pen said, “If the French trust us, Jordan Bardella will be Prime Minister.”

She repeated her vision for a referendum on immigration.

“We will implement the policy desired by the French, and we will prepare our accession to the presidency of the Republic to implement, for example, our referendum on immigration”, explained Le Pen.

However, it is not clear yet whether Eric Zemmour, the President of Reconquête! (R!), knew about Maréchal’s visit to the RN and if the two had discussed and agreed on this movement. After all, Bardella addressed Maréchal as a far-right personality, not Reconquête!

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